• Which service suits your needs?

    What issue is most pressing in your business? Answer these 15 questions to find out which ­service area to explore further!

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    Question 1

    Are incorrect orders or deliveries a recurring problem?

  • 2/15

    Question 2

    Do you have a need for a special designed cutting tool?

  • 3/15

    Question 3

    Do you know that you can get money through our recycling program?

  • 4/15

    Question 4

    Do you have a recycling plan for your worn-out solid carbide tools?

  • 5/15

    Question 5

    Would you like to educate yourself or your staff? 

  • 6/15

    Question 6

    Would you like to save time by organizing your tools better?

  • 7/15

    Question 7

    What need is more acute: time or money?

  • 8/15

    Question 8

    What is most important for your short-term results?

  • 9/15

    Question 9

    Do you spend a lot of time on processing orders?

  • 10/15

    Question 10

    Do you want advice about the cutting tool processes you currently operate?

  • 11/15

    Question 11

    Do you see Sandvik Coromant as a partner/adviser when it comes to machine tool equipment?

  • 12/15

    Question 12

    Do you want to reuse your worn solid carbide round tools with original performance?

  • 13/15

    Question 13

    Are you considering moving production abroad due to high production costs?

  • 14/15

    Question 14

    Do your operators and engineers need a deeper understanding of complex materials, such as composites or titanium?

  • 15/15

    Question 15

    Are the prices for your products decreasing faster than you can cut production costs?